8th grade letter

Dear 8th grade Nicolas


A Letter to 8th Grade Silas

Dear 8th Grade Silas,

How is 8th grade? Is it fun or hard? Is it hard being the leaders of the school? It doesn’t look hard, but I never know. I guess it looks a little hard about all the Student Council stuff. Maybe it isn’t that hard. I did some student council toward the end of 7th grade. I am guessing the work is harder, but it looks similar to 7th grade work. I will try to get used to it. I am writing this letter to you for advice and you will write me back a year from now.

Cheers, Silas

Silas’ View on Modern Technology

People in our world are getting more and more immersed in modern technology. Some examples of this technology such as robots, complex computers, and social sites and videogames. Some uses of technology can be helpful and harmful to people. Let us first start with the harmful.

Some people are getting sucked into online role playing games, which is in other words is a “free roam game”. People are actually buying and selling items in these games for real world money. They do not use real life jobs to support themselves and make money. They turn to the virtual world to make money this bad because people miss out in life. These people can’t make real friends and live a real life if they sit on the computer all day. Another bad thing is social networks and videos. Social networks can be very unsafe for people. They could get threatened and hurt. Videos sometimes give out bad messages to people, especially young ones. They can influence them and make them bad people.

Now for the good. Artificial body parts, similar to robot parts, can help with permanent injuries. People who have lost legs can wear these devices and function on normal humans. Robots in hospitals help patients with illnesses. Some robots can help people with mental illnesses as well as physical. Modern technology is good and bad, but are ultimately great advances in technology for man, and that is what fascinates me.   


The second life was so weird. People think that is their life. They think that they are not missing any thing. They make online businesses and live and have a love life online.  What i think in the future is robots will do everything. People will be lazy so they will pay money for robots to do things for you. There are some dangers because if every one has a computer or a robot people wont know how to do things themselves. If all the computers shut down one day we will all be doomed. The good is every thing is instant and people get things on demand. In the future technology will amaze every one and we will all want what is the new thing. Like today’s ages every one wants the new IPhone or IPad. To tell you the truth there cool but new ones keep coming out. These smart people Keep inventing things but those people don’t realize they are polluting the earth when they produce those things. So by things to your hearts content but just realize that when you by things you are getting addicted to your devise and you are wasting your money. You have to also realize that not all computers work like you want.

Silas’ Summer

I want summer to come now. Now I tell you. Now! I want to play videogames. I want to have less work. I want to spend time with friends. I want to camp. I want to do fun stuff. It is time to have fun. I want to go to the beach. I want to fish. I want to play tennis. I want to boogie board. I want to go to the Boardwalk. I am going to ride every ride in the park, even if I am way too big for them, like the whales. I am tall enough for every ride in the park. I want to go to Tahoe. I love swimming in the lake. Winter is good for skiing, but it is summer. I want to canoe there. I want to hike there. I want to do everything there. But then, I am going to Disneyland. I am going to ride every ride, like the Boardwalk. I love Mickey. Mickey! He is the best mouse ever and he doesn’t bite. That is the best part. My favorite ride is small world. I love small world. After you ride it, you will realize it is a small world after all. Next, we are going to the Central Valley. Wine Country. Hot sun, cold drinks, and delicious grapes. It will be the best. The very best. The very, very best. I want to go to Yosemite. It is good to get outdoors. I love the trees, the air, Half Dome, El Capitan, and the rivers. The one thing a hate though is mosquitoes. The bite and give very big lumps on your skin. It is horrible. One time my sister, Sofia, had bites all the way up her arm. It was not very pleasant. I hope that I don’t end up as bad as her. I have been bitten many times, but never as bad as her. I feel sorry for her. Anyway, I would like to go the Asian Art Museum again. We went during the school year in May and it was very fun. I had a good time. I even got to hold a real katana. It was very cool. The last thing I want to do is go home and do nothing. I will just stay home relax, watch TV. It will be the best thing to finish the summer.  Hope you have a good summer too. See ya.